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nairaboxPro is experienced in the field of fiduciary management and long-term investments. We are a group of skilled financial professionals, having high level of investment knowledge and long term practice in the investment sector. We have been working as a privately funded establishment for several years; we have now opened an online project offering our services worldwide. Funds deposited by our clients are are invested into high growth securities on all major stock markets, agriculture, loan & finance and oil&gas and many more.

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We give guarantee to make great benefit and profits from your deposit, Our deposit plans are very profitable and stable which can decrease and control the risks. With our experience and involvement in this Industry we will ensure your risks are decreased with potential great profit and day by day returns on your deposits.

Flexy Plans & Non-Stop Payment

Our plans were designed to be systematic and developed to be easy and safe for our clients to use. It has been designed specifically to provide investors with a High yield profit and yet maintaining the balance and health of the system.

Excellent Customer Service

A major breakthrough that we provide to our clients. and with a great marketing strategy, with a cutting edge customer service working 24/7 to ease your worries.

Refer & Earn

Here’s an example of what this might mean in financial terms. Let’s say you posted your referral link in Facebook & someone signed up using your link & has made a deposit of NGN100000, immediately your account will be credited with NGN 5000. So, it all depends on you & how good you’re at inviting people to participate in our program

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Deposit Plans

Strategic Investment Plans

    0.2 %
    Duration: 365 days
    Min Deposit: 100000 NGN
    Max Deposit: 1000000 NGN
    0.4 %
    Duration: 365 days
    Min Deposit: 10000 NGN
    Max Deposit: 300000 NGN
  • OPAL
    0.35 %
    Duration: 180 days
    Min Deposit: 10000 NGN
    Max Deposit: 300000 NGN
    0.33 %
    Duration: 90 days
    Min Deposit: 10000 NGN
    Max Deposit: 100000 NGN
    0.2 %
    Duration: 365 days
    Min Deposit: 100000 NGN
    Max Deposit: 1000000 NGN
    0.4 %
    Duration: 365 days
    Min Deposit: 10000 NGN
    Max Deposit: 300000 NGN
    0.35 %
    Duration: 180 days
    Min Deposit: 10000 NGN
    Max Deposit: 300000 NGN
    0.33 %
    Duration: 90 days
    Min Deposit: 10000 NGN
    Max Deposit: 100000 NGN

Site Statistics

Site Started 26/04/2017
Total Accounts 1242
New Account siucok
Total Deposit 77174348.02145 NGN
Total Withdraw 24555475.669101 NGN
Last Deposit 70000 NGN
Last Withdraw 500 NGN

Latest Investments

Quche352 Bank Transfer 70000 NGN
QueenB Bank Transfer 70000 NGN
Sacramento Reinvest 13650 NGN
Ollyway Reinvest 100000 NGN
Kazeem 48984 Reinvest 12400 NGN
Olumide Reinvest 19900 NGN
Edithchy Reinvest 25200 NGN
OLORIADENIKE Reinvest 102500 NGN
Stedee Reinvest 19026 NGN
EdafeA Reinvest 45400 NGN

Latest Withdrawals

Princess45 e-Buck 500 NGN
Doncanti e-Buck 500 NGN
chuksboy e-Buck 500 NGN
Walter E e-Buck 500 NGN
Johanna e-Buck 100 NGN
adilwa e-Buck 500 NGN
Ifeolu16 e-Buck 500 NGN
GwoAchiever e-Buck 500 NGN
testme1 e-Buck 100 NGN
testme1 e-Buck 100 NGN

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    We unveil the NB-EXPRESS... the most comfortable business plan. You make 2.9% of your savings daily for 90days excluding weekends, unlike other plans where you keep on reinvesting your capital. NB-EXPRESS gives you back your capital + bonus in less than 50days then you can enjoy the  40days at ... Read more

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  • It pleases my heart to say that just under 3 months, I have been able to raise money for the payment of 2 bedroom flat apartment somewhere in Enugu, courtesy of NBP. ... Read more

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    By Bummy1 on 3 months ago

  • My account has just been credited for the withdrawal I made. Nairaboxpro pays! ... Read more

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  • I have never regretted any step with this company...reliable! ... Read more

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  • I requested to withdraw my qualified earning Yesterday being Saturday and was pleasantly surprised when it was approved and processed and the money was paid into my account almost promptly. My downline also experienced same. Imagine getting an alert on a weekend. Nanirabox is the real McCoy ... Read more

    By Anthonop on 3 months ago

  • Nbp is the best. My alert just landed within few minutes. God bless Nbp for changing life. Together we get rid of poverty in Nigeria. I appreciate and pray for its sustainability. ... Read more

    By Ibrahimuk42 on 3 months ago

  • Nairaboxpro is the best,I have never had any complains since I joined and their customer care rep are always there to assist...God bless NBP. ... Read more

    By Doris1 on 3 months ago

  • Ever since i entered NBP i can't but to continue singing their praises for the wonderful services they are offering us. our investments are guaranteed with no delays in ether confirming or releasing our proceeds or requests for withdrawal. what more can i ask but to tell them to keep it up and also ... Read more

    By Grateness on 4 months ago

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  • Nairaboxpro is fantastic, I made withdrawal and was paid within 30mins. I invest on Nairaboxpro and go to sleep while I make daily income. ... Read more

    By Ifyju1 on 4 months ago

  • I have been in the system since October . I requested to withdraw N200k and was credited with ease . NBPRO pays. ... Read more

    By Shandybaby on 4 months ago

  • Nairaboxpro remains d best online investment platform I have ever seen . I just placed my seconds withrawal n got alert in less 30 minutes. Nairaboxpro alert is sharp sharp. Thank u d CEO ,staffs n agents of Nairaboxpro for always doing ur best to put smiles on our faces. ... Read more

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  • I'm grateful to God for helping me come on contact with Nairaboxpro.... ... Read more

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  • Really helpful and wonderful so far, this has been my Godsent saviour financially over the months and the sweetest part is you just have to invest and watch your money grow and cash out is in less than 5 mins after withdrawal's been made... Too cool if you ask me. ... Read more

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    By Henrycash90 on 4 months ago

  • I don't know how to thank Nairaboxpro for putting smile on my face . I placed my first withdrawal today n my alert entered in less than an hr . Am so grateful. Nairaboxpro is here to wipe our tears of what ponzi did to us . I can confidently invite my friends n family to invest in Nairaboxpro ... Read more

    By Youngmel10 on 4 months ago

  • Thank you NBP, you guys are super organized and out to ameliorate our sufferings. I got paid with 20mins of withdrawal, I just couldn't believe it. I am so staying with you guys, NBP is real. ... Read more

    By Ashley on 4 months ago

  • The thing I love most about noon is how easy and how quick things are sorted out, everything's made easy from depositing, to withdrawing,to making a lil extra, and to having challenges sorted out quickly, it's all so easy thank you nairaboxpro for making the money making process easy. ... Read more

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  • my name is Tosin, i work in real estate company, a father and an husband lol ... Read more

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  • My payment entered within 30 minutes after I placed withdrawal . Nairaboxpro is a God sent . The only platform u can invest ur money witout fear or panic . We will organize an award for Nairaboxpro. God bless d Nairaboxpro CEO , staffs, Agents etc ... Read more

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  • If there's anything that has been unprecedented in our nation's financial sector, I will say it is Nbpro! Within the little time they took off, they have been putting smiles on the faces of we, the investors. For prospective investors out there, I will say you take the bull by the horn and invest ... Read more

    By Sekesi2009 on 5 months ago

  • na waoooh,for you opoooo NBP... just in under 5 minutes of my withdrawal request i receive alert that 'the money don arrive". Na flight you take? why you fast like this? since i have been here i have nothing to complain about but rather to rain you with praises for the great job you are doing by ... Read more

    By Grateness on 5 months ago

  • nairabox is ebeano biko ... Read more

    By Adaeze on 5 months ago

  • offer cool and attentive services ... Read more

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  • nairaboxpro is just wonderful, not only withdrawal is very fast they also have other features that ive been enjoying from my wallet. ... Read more

    By Miketony on 5 months ago

  • Nbp is worthy of the title the (Best) for the past 6 months i have been with them, not even a single complain from it numerous clients. Whatever you are doing please do not stop your good work as you have shown us you are more into helping the public than destroying it. ... Read more

    By Mikepeace on 5 months ago

  • Nairabox pro is d best right nw, it hit like fire ... Read more

    By Mottry on 5 months ago

  • My 1 week experience with NBP is quite n exciting one. Withdrawal was fast as in less than an 1hr. What could be more exciting. Thanks NBP. This platform is good. God bless n sustain NBP for us all. ... Read more

    By Jedidiah on 5 months ago

  • Am Asampete, i requsted for withdrawal and in less than 5 minutes i got alert. I am so impressed, keep it up! Long live NAIRABOXPRO (NBP) ... Read more

    By Asampete on 5 months ago

  • l wish to testify that i was able to do a successful withdrawal without any hitch. so happy and impressed with your services. please keep the work up ... Read more

    By Magrande1 on 5 months ago

  • Wow! Just like magic!!! Made my first withdrawal. In less than 5 mins my account was credited. Now I can sleep with my eyes closed while Nairaboxpro makes me the money.... Nairaboxpro For Life!!! ... Read more

    By Rita Akomah on 5 months ago

  • this is my 5th month in nairaboxpro and I have been blessed to have been a participant in nairaboxpro also looking forward to been an agent soon😎... thumps up👍🏻 to Nairaboxpro 4 rocking my world...✍ ... Read more

    By Agent3 on 5 months ago

  • Im so greateful.i came.across this platform i invested with fear, withdrew without fear and recived my alert with so much more confidence. Thamk you ... Read more

    By Temmy.a on 6 months ago

  • Nairabox is real ... Read more

    By Anuoluwapo on 6 months ago

  • I am a participant of NBP and i gladly say that this platform has come to make things work. Tjeir payment plan is superb. They oay you in less than fjve minutes of withdrawal. Keep it up NBP. ... Read more

    By Moreglory on 6 months ago

  • NBP Is the best I have ever come across tested and trusted ... Read more

    By Omonlove on 6 months ago

  • I got paid under 10mins ,am very happy o ... Read more

    By Mummysho on 6 months ago

  • I love the idea of laying in bed with my laptop making money without having a boss. nairabox makes me feeling like a boss ... Read more

    By BABYUV on 7 months ago

  • Wowwww! So happy to be among the professionals .... Got paid immediately I created a withdrawal request... so happy. God bless Nairabox pro! ... Read more

    By Magret on 7 months ago

  • I tried this out as a friend made mention of it and to my greatest surprise, after a month, I got an email from this great platform ASKING ME or should I say BEGGING ME to withdraw my money and after I did, my alert just came in less than 5 mins later... This is wonderful and amazing I must say... ... Read more

    By James1 on 7 months ago

  • I got paid yesterday I was so happy. I am so amazed by the quick response from the admin "Nara" when I made a silly mistake,I thought my money was gone. But the admin assisted immediately and they never got tired of my questions. I got paid almost immediately. Nairaboxpro is bae.I really appreciate ... Read more

    By Maureen on 7 months ago

  • This aptly confirms that saying that when you leverage on a system that has discipline,the mind is assured. From the moment I paid to the point of withdrawal is automated. Am grateful for been here and am already introducing more friends who have been severely dealth by criminal ponzi! ... Read more

    By Mybizdeal on 7 months ago

  • Nairabox is the best so far ... Read more

    By Ritauzo on 8 months ago

  • the company is very smart, i really love their strategy. theres nothing that can spoil this company ... Read more

    By Otunbaken on 8 months ago

  • 24/7 customer care, everytime i have an issue i always have someone at the customer care desk to speak to ... Read more

    By Morrison on 8 months ago

  • They listen to your complains and sort it out fast ... Read more

    By Dennis on 8 months ago

  • They process and settle payments lightning fast. ... Read more

    By Leinyiama on 8 months ago

  • Trading with nairabox has given me peace of mind, my profits grows at a steady pace and their professionalism in dealing with my issues gives me delight. five star rating to the professionals ... Read more

    By Raymond on 8 months ago

  • they have been helpful in planning my wedding. i love them for this ... Read more

    By Root on 11 months ago

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